Download and Install Voicent Gateway

EmailToPhone is an application based on Voicent Gateway, a VoiceXML gateway software. This is the software that actually makes phone calls. Click here to download Voicent Software including Voicent Gateway.

After downloading Voicent software, click the button labeled Click Here to Install Voicent Software. Click Continue to install the main program.

You can choose to install any application, which requires the installation of Voicent Gateway. We recommend install at least one outbound application like BroadcastByPhone or AutoReminder, and one inbound application like IVR Studio. You should make sure Voicent software is working before installing EmailToPhone application.

After installation, you should see the gateway icon (green eyeball) shown in the Windows Toolbar notification area

Use VOIP or Regular Phone Line

In order to make phone call, Voicent software needs either a regular phone line or VOIP service. It is much easier to setup Voicent with VOIP through Skype. To use regular phone line, you also need a good quality voice modem. For more details, please select Windows Start Button > All Programs > Voicent > Quick Start Guide.

Test Skype and Voicent

  1. Make a test call to your cell phone from Skype without using Voicent software
  2. Restart Voicent Gateway by clicking the Stop/Start button on the gateway main window. Once started, you should see the number of active Skype lines listed on the main window
  3. Open Voicent application, such as BroadcastByPhone or AutoReminder, to make a test call


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